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Kinsale 5 mile 29th July

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

Eamon McEvoy was 9th in this race and was first M55. Ted O Flynn was 19th and was second M50.

In the ladies Geraldine O Shea kept up her recent good form to finish second. Eileen Buckley who has also being going well recently was 6th lady home.

The full results are as follows:

9 Eamon McEvoy 28.44
19 Ted O’Flynn 30.43
27 Geraldine O’Shea 31.54
29 Stephen Lynch 31.56
63 Eileen Buckley 34.53
77 Rebecca McEvoy 36.41
138 Dennis Manning 43.18

Well done to all.

Churchtown South 5 Mile 28th July

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

There were some great performances on Thursday night as the men’s team were first and four people that I know of achieved pb’s. Michael Houlihan, Patrick Rahilly, Niall O Herlihy and Stephen Geoghegan all of whom have been running very well recently and are reaping the rewards for their hard work in training. In the categories  Cathal O Connell was 1st M45, Jim Cosgrave 1st M40, Paul Duggan 2nd M40 and Willie Hayes 2nd M55. Well done to everyone who participated on a nice night for running.

Finishers in the St. Finbarrs AC team. Pace Race Race
Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place
1 0:27:12 O’CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M45 05:26.3 264 4
2 0:27:29 MEADE, John St. Finbarrs AC M 05:29.7 2 5
3 0:27:36 COSGRAVE, Jim St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:31.1 256 6
4 0:28:35 HOULIHAN, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M 05:42.9 6 12
5 0:28:36 DUGGAN, Paul St. Finbarrs AC M40 05:43.1 8 13
6 0:29:50 RAHILLY, Patrick St. Finbarrs AC M 05:57.9 23 31
7 0:30:18 DEVINE, Ken St. Finbarrs AC M45 06:03.5 240 39
8 0:30:42 O’HERLIHY, Niall St. Finbarrs AC M 06:08.3 407 53
9 0:30:48 GEOGHEGAN, Stephen St. Finbarrs AC M 06:09.5 42 56
10 0:31:51 HAYES, Willie St. Finbarrs AC M55 06:22.1 288 84
11 0:33:09 SARGENT, Fergal St. Finbarrs AC M 06:37.7 64 117
12 0:34:33 O’NEILL, Trevor St. Finbarrs AC M 06:54.5 113 158
13 0:34:43 WOLFE, Amy St. Finbarrs AC F 06:56.5 410 165
14 0:36:05 KELLY, Kathleen St. Finbarrs AC F35 07:12.8 316 214
15 0:38:43 WALSH, Christy St. Finbarrs AC M50 07:44.4 282 295
16 0:39:32 CURRAN, Barbara St. Finbarrs AC F 07:54.2 360 318
17 0:41:10 GRIFFIN, Hazel St. Finbarrs AC F 08:13.8 364 346
18 0:42:07 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:25.2 342 363
19 0:42:25 CREEDON, Hilary St. Finbarrs AC F 08:28.8 341 371
20 0:43:21 WALSH, Anne St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:40.0 369 383
21 0:43:39 MANNING, Denis St. Finbarrs AC M40 08:43.6 223 391
There were 21 finishers in the St. Finbarrs AC team.

Donoughmore 7 Results

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Here are the full results from this race which took place on the 22nd July

4 Cathal O Connell 38.46 1st M45
5 John Meade 39.05
12 Michael Dunne 41.38
15 Paul Duggan 42.33
29 Ted O Flynn 46.05 1st M50
42 Geraldine O Shea 47.41 2nd Lady
72 Gillian Cotter 49.58
80 Trevor O Neill 50.42
88 Aiden Henry 51.18
100 Michael Dunne 52.01
113 Eileen Buckley 52.56
131 Michael O Mullain 53.33
133 Barry Coleman 53.57
218 Mary Mulcahy 60.50
238 Denis Manning 64.08

Well done everyone.

Thirty ‘Bloody’ Minutes

Friday, July 29th, 2011

There’s been a lot of talk about this next goal, maybe a little bit too much talk. This goal is not a rebel goal, this is 30 bloody minutes.

I’m sure Bono would have said it something like that anyway but Patrick Rahilly is much faster than him and he finally broke the 30 minute barrier for 5 miles last night in Churchtown South. Congrats Patrick!

I’ll put all the results from Churchtown up over the weekend.

Belgooly-Kinsale 5M Road Race, Fri 29-Jul-2011, 7.30pm

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

This race is organised by Belgooly A.C. and starts at the earlier time of 7.30pm, unusual for a July start. Rumour has it the race will double up as the Belgooly Annual Run, which had to be put on Ice way back in December. Entries will be taken at Kinsale GAA Grounds up to 7.15pm. The entry fee is €10.00, half of which will be donated to the Kinsale Branch of the Irish Disabled Sailing Association. Changing facilities and post race showers are available inside the GAA Grounds.

Kinsale Regatta 5M Map

Welcome to Ireland’s gourmet capital, a gastronomic paradise. If you arrive from Cork City via the R600, you’ll have to go into the town centre, turn right up Friars Gate and then left up that  steep hill to reach the GAA Grounds on Bandon Road. If you want to avoid the post race jog back up that hill, find somewhere to park (legally) in the town itself. If you are coming from Innishannon via the R605, instead of going left around the town, go straight on at Glasheen to arrive directly at the GAA Grounds on your right.

Kinsale Regatta 5M Route

This race starts high up outside the GAA Grounds and finishes near sea level at the Bank Of Ireland. The start is a moderate downhill followed by a fast downhill and a long flat 3M run-in along the scenic Kinsale shoreline. Be careful on the downhill section! There’s still a long way to go when you get to the bottom. The presentation of prizes and refreshments will be in the Temperance Hall about one minute walk from the finish line.

1st 6 Men, 1st 6 Ladies, 1st 3 Men O/40, 1st 3 Men O/45, 1st 3 Men O/50, 1st 3 Men O/55, 1st 3 Men O/60,
1st 3 Juniors, 1st Men’s team (3 to score), 1st Lady O/35, 1st Lady O40, 1st Lady O/45, 1st Lady O/50,
1st Ladies’ team (3 to score), 1st Wheelchair Athlete

Churchtown South 5M Road Race, Thu 28-Jul-2011, 8pm

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The 31st Churchtown South 5M road race takes place on Thursday evening July 28th at 8pm. A total of 24 BARRS members participated in the 2010 race and doubtless similar numbers will be making their way again this year. The 3rd race in the Ballycotton Summer Series is expected to attract a large field of over 400 entries, so allow plenty of time for parking, check-in and warm-up. Entry on the night costs €5. Take the N25 Cork-Waterford road to the Midleton roundabout and exit southwards. Veer left at Ballinacurra and take the R629 to Cloyne. Instead of turning left for Shanagarry, go straight ahead, heading SE for Churchtown South.

Churchtown South Map

Race HQ for the evening is the local community hall located at the junction near the start point (A). The course is roughly two laps of a 2.5M circuit starting at (A) and finishing at (E). The section between (A) and (C) is narrow unpaved road, rough underfoot at the sides and down the middle. The section between (C) and (A) is normal paved road with very little traffic and ideal for road racing. Starting on a narrow section of road, you’ll need to be up near the start if you want to figure among the front runners. If you have to spend a penny, do so early as it’s unlikely you’ll be able to muscle your way to the head of the pack. After a hectic start, it takes a while for the field to unravel and overtaking is difficult on the narrow section between (A) and (B).

Churchtown South Route

Donoughmore 7 Mile Race

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Well done to Cathal O Connell who was fourth and John Meade who was 5th in this tough 7 miler. Geraldine O Shea was 2nd in the ladies. I will put up all the resultsin more detail over the weekend.

Carrigtwohill 5k

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Carrigtwohill Community Council
Wednesday 20 July 2011. 8:00pm

Finishers in the St. Finbarrs AC team. Pace Race Race
Place Time Name Team Race Age Category min/mile No Place
1 0:16:11 O’DONOVAN, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M 05:12.4 440 4
2 0:16:29 MEADE, John St. Finbarrs AC M 05:18.2 626 7
3 0:16:32 O’CONNELL, Cathal St. Finbarrs AC M45 05:19.2 724 8
4 0:17:21 LYONS, Dennis St. Finbarrs AC M 05:34.9 617 14
5 0:17:33 HOULIHAN, Michael St. Finbarrs AC M 05:38.8 661 17
6 0:18:02 RAHILLY, Patrick St. Finbarrs AC M 05:48.1 451 26
7 0:18:27 O’HERLIHY, Niall St. Finbarrs AC M 05:56.2 533 36
8 0:18:34 GEOGHEGAN, Stephen St. Finbarrs AC M 05:58.4 439 43
9 0:19:58 SARGENT, Fergal St. Finbarrs AC M 06:25.5 616 79
10 0:20:44 WOLFE, Anne St. Finbarrs AC F 06:40.3 625 111
11 0:20:53 COTTER, Gillian St. Finbarrs AC F 06:43.2 624 115
12 0:20:56 HENRY, Aiden St. Finbarrs AC M40 06:44.1 764 116
13 0:21:24 O’MULLAIN, Micheal St. Finbarrs AC M 06:53.1 426 134
14 0:21:28 KELLY, Kathleen St. Finbarrs AC F 06:54.4 833 139
15 0:21:32 CRONIN, Niamh St. Finbarrs AC F 06:55.7 885 141
16 0:22:11 CARROLL, Chris St. Finbarrs AC M55 07:08.3 669 178
17 0:22:30 DOWNEY, Janice St. Finbarrs AC F 07:14.4 987 194
18 0:22:48 EIGHAN, Irene St. Finbarrs AC F 07:20.2 608 212
19 0:22:54 KENNEDY, Una St. Finbarrs AC F 07:22.1 668 218
20 0:24:00 MCEVOY, Rebecca St. Finbarrs AC F 07:43.3 592 275
21 0:24:04 MCEVOY, Eamonn St. Finbarrs AC M55 07:44.6 591 279
22 0:24:42 MURPHY, Austin St. Finbarrs AC M60 07:56.9 442 300
23 0:25:39 MULCAHY, Mary St. Finbarrs AC F45 08:15.2 977 337
24 0:26:08 MANNING, Denis St. Finbarrs AC M40 08:24.5 551 360
There were 24 finishers in the St. Finbarrs AC team.

5th John Buckley Sports Graded T&F Meeting 2011

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

The 4th meeting of the Graded T&F League provided a great night of excitement and entertainment for all concerned. Some athletes were obviously a little wet behind the ear when it came to the Steeple Chase, but were nonetheless up to the challenge. Well, all those soggy runners should have dried out by Saturday afternoon July 23rd for the penultimate meeting in the 2011 series. Here is an opportunity for athletes to adopt a more dignified posture for a full menu of T&F events at the CIT Track. Admission is €5, open to athletes of all levels of ability and entrants are free to bite off as much as they can chew. Bon Appétit, mes amis!

29th Donoughmore 7M Road Race, Fri 22-Jul-2011, 8pm

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

This is basically a 10km race with a bonus kilometre at the end. “More bang for your buck”, as they say. The race is organised by Donoughmore A.C. and entry on the night costs €10. There’ll be finishing prizes for everybody as well as the usual post race refreshments. There’ll also be prizes in all the usual categories including Junior and Team (Club/BHAA). A total of 21 BARRS members participated in the 2010 race.

The race starts on a hill at Stuake (A) and the first 2M are up and down on a country road until (B). Shortly after the 2M mark, the course veers left and rejoins the R579. For the next 3M, the course continues south losing about 300ft in elevation until the 5M mark at (C). The course then climbs about 200ft in the last 2M. From point (C) there’s quite a steep pull but this levels off to a gradual incline as you approach Donoughmore Cross (D). Turning left, the final 0.5M is tough with an uphill bend at the School the hardest section. Beyond this bend, the road levels off somewhat for the last 150m finishing at point (E) close to the starting point.

The men’s course record is 33.09 ran by Peter Riley of Leighharriers (UK) in 2006, while the ladies record of 40.02 was set by Valerie Vaughan of  Blarney-Inniscarra A.C. in 2001.

From Cork City and its suburbs, head for the Anglers Rest Bar just off the western end of the N22 Carrigrohane (Straight) Road. Follow the R579 northwards bypassing Muskerry Golf Club and the Tower-Blarney turnoff. After about 10 miles on the R579, you’ll reach the R619 intersection. At this point, right turn for Donoughmore. Alternatively, Donoughmore is about 12 miles SW of Mallow on the R619 Mallow-Coachford road.