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Munster AAI Novice, Senior & Masters 4M Roads Champs, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Sun 29-Mar-2015, 1pm

Saturday, March 28th, 2015

The Munster AAI 2015 Novice, Senior & Masters 4 Mile Road Championships take place in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, at 1pm, on Sunday, March 29th next. The event is organised and hosted by Kilmallock AC, on behalf of Munster Athletics.

Race H.Q. for the day is the Deebert House Hotel, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.  Take the N20 north to Charleville. As you exit Charleville, take the R515 east (turn right) for Kilmallock. This is a four mile road race with the ladies up first. The starting point is on the Railway Road about a half mile from the Hotel, so you’ll need to allow time to jog out there. The race finishes very close to the Hotel.

Course Information (Click Here)

LAT/LON Coordinates: 52.400861N, 8.570355W

(Paste the Latitude, Longitude coordinates into Google Maps search. You can also use them to set your navigation device.)

Novice and Masters County Roads Championships 17th March, 2015

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

A brilliant turnout and fantastic performances all round by the Barr’s today!

The Novice women’s team are County Champions! With Denise Twohig leading the team home with a brilliant 3rd place finish the ladies packed well with Niamh Cronin, Anne Wolfe and Irene Eighan all scoring to bring the title home.
The women also brought home the O35 team title and were second in the O50 team! Denise Twohig again lead the ladies home with an individual silver medal performance. She was also 2nd F40 while Niamh Cronin was 1st F35 and Irene Eighan was 3rd F35. Mary Sweeney lead the O50’s team home with a Gold medal in the individual O50’s and Marion Lyons was first F60! Great performances by them and all the other Barr’s ladies who performed so well today.

In the men’s Novice event Rory O Sullivan was 3rd man home and lead the team to silver. Michael Corbett, Mark Cronin and Joe Cunningham all scored for a great team performance!
John Meade is the Masters Champion after a fantastic run and Rory O Sullivan picked up another bronze in this event. Michael Corbett and Joe Cunningham also scored for an O35 team Gold! Joe was 2nd M40 while Dan Kennedy was 2nd M60. Again these were great performances along with all the other Barr’s men so congrats everyone!

Cork AAI County Novice & Masters Roads Champs, Midleton, Co. Cork, Tue 17-Mar-2015, 11am

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Midleton A.C. will host the County Novice & Masters Road Race Champs 2015 on Tuesday (St. Patrick’s Day) in Midleton. The distance for all events is 4 miles. The Novice & Masters will be run together. The Ladies will start at 11am sharp with the men following 20 minutes later at 11:20am. This is a Championship race and the rules dictate that you must wear a club singlet. Race H.Q. will be the Midleton Park Hotel, Old Cork Road, Midleton. You can collect your race number in the main room (Jameson Suite) between 10am and 10:30am. Please allow enough time to get to the start line which is about one mile from the hotel. The route taken is the same as that of the annual Midleton A.C. Joe Hourigan 5 Mile Road Race starting at mile one.

Cork AAI County Roads Champs – Midleton – Route

Members can travel directly to Midleton, or meet up at the UCC Farm, at 09:45. If you can’t make it out to the Farm, text Gerry and we’ll try to arrange a pick up point somewhere within the city. Please note that the club training session on Monday evening (March 16th) has been cancelled. Wishing the very best of luck to all the BARRS Men and Ladies, who have been entered for this event.

Ballycotton 10 8th March, 2015

Monday, March 9th, 2015

A fantastic day in Ballycotton saw 70 finishers from the Barr’s with great performances and pb’s aplenty! Leading the Barr’s home was Rory O Sullivan in a great time of 53.47 with John Meade closely behind in 54.10. Michael Corbett completed the men’s team that finished third. Individually Ann-Marie Holland was 6th woman home and was 1st F40. Margo Dinan was 1st F45, Mary Sweeney was 2nd F50 and Marion Lyons was 2nd F60. In the men’s Cathal O Connell was 1st and Ken Devine 3rd in M50 and Dan Kennedy was 3rd M60. Great performances by them and everyone else that finished!

Place Name Cat Chip Time
16    Rory O’Sullivan    M    (53:47)    53:47:00
20    John Meade    M    (54:10)    54:11:00
35    Michael Corbett    M    (56:30)    56:31:00
40    Cathal O’Connell    M50    (57:09)    57:11:00
43    Alex O’Shea    M40    (57:15)    57:15:00
48    Michael Houlihan    M    (57:31)    57:33:00
58    Ken Devine    M50    (57:49)    57:51:00
103    Eoin Field    M40    (1:00:36)    01:00:43
108    Garrett Casey    M40    (1:00:43)    01:00:51
117    David Butler    M    (1:01:02)    01:01:05
157    Ann-Marie Holland    F40    (1:02:34)    01:02:38
178    Fergal Sargent    M    (1:03:29)    01:03:35
200    Glenn Dollard    M    (1:04:02)    01:04:11
212    Ruairi O’Mahony    M    (1:04:29)    01:04:30
216    Stephen Geoghegan    M40    (1:04:37)    01:04:39
228    Paul Penney    M    (1:04:45)    01:04:55
244    Anthony Archer    M50    (1:05:11)    01:05:14
275    Margo Dinan    F45    (1:06:02)    01:06:12
277    Niamh Cronin    F35    (1:06:04)    01:06:15
290    Loic Garel    M    (1:06:19)    01:06:41
303    Denise Twohig    F40    (1:06:51)    01:07:00
306    Anne Wolfe    F40    (1:06:51)    01:07:03
353    Mary Sweeney    F50    (1:08:09)    01:08:11
354    Alan Noonan    M    (1:08:09)    01:08:16
387    Tim Crowley    M    (1:08:17)    01:09:00
469    Conor McCarthy    M    (1:09:55)    01:10:30
491    Willie Hayes    M55    (1:10:48)    01:10:54
502    Thomas Darcy    M    (1:10:15)    01:11:13
566    Dave Sheehan    M    (1:11:24)    01:12:22
569    Dan Kennedy    M60    (1:12:23)    01:12:27
626    Irene Eighan    F35    (1:12:36)    01:13:19
647    Martin Curtin    M    (1:12:35)    01:13:44
657    John Coleman    M45    (1:13:13)    01:14:00
699    Declan Nestor    M45    (1:13:43)    01:14:40
776    Paul Griffin M    (1:14:57)    01:15:44
806    Eoghan O’Crualaoi    M    (1:15:31)    01:16:14
849    Micheal O’Crualaoi    M50    (1:16:10)    01:16:55
860    Dave O’Regan    M45    (1:16:39)    01:17:01
862    Joe Kelleher    M40    (1:16:41)    01:17:03
869    Eddie Barry    M60    (1:16:18)    01:17:07
893    Graham Nudds    M    (1:16:16)    01:17:25
900    Oisin Carroll    M    (1:15:16)    01:17:31
928    Orla Crosbie    F45    (1:16:33)    01:17:52
929    Gillian Cotter    F40    (1:16:34)    01:17:53
976    Kenneth Smyth    M55    (1:17:55)    01:18:38
983    Michael Power    M55    (1:17:51)    01:18:43
987    Eamonn Carroll    M50    (1:16:31)    01:18:45
999    Siobhan Healy    F35    (1:18:10)    01:18:54
1003    Donncha Casey    M55    (1:18:09)    01:18:57
1040    John Whelan    M    (1:17:58)    01:19:22
1075    Mary Mulcahy    F50    (1:18:10)    01:19:47
1158    Kitty Harrington-Buckley    F50    (1:20:11)    01:20:49
1185    Catriona Santry    F    (1:20:26)    01:21:07
1214    Lorraine O’Sullivan    F35    (1:20:52)    01:21:38
1261    Pat Carey    M    (1:19:20)    01:22:16
1261    Michelle Manning    F    (1:19:19)    01:22:16
1344    Michelle Nolan    F40    (1:22:49)    01:23:15
1351    Sharon Holland    F40    (1:21:43)    01:23:20
1437    Barry Coleman    M    (1:23:30)    01:24:53
1469    Derek Walshe    M40    (1:23:42)    01:25:19
1613    Marion Lyons    F60    (1:27:10)    01:27:15
1727    Evelyn O’Shea    F    (1:28:06)    01:28:54
1811    Cait Mehigan    F35    (1:28:54)    01:30:05
1829    Edel O’Leary    F    (1:28:09)    01:30:17
1942    Kelly O’Connell    F    (1:28:51)    01:31:53
1943    Aidan O’Connell    M55    (1:30:30)    01:31:53
2130    Aidan O’Gorman    M40    (1:32:26)    01:34:36
2170    Noreen O’Leary    F45    (1:33:49)    01:35:26
2328    Austin Murphy    M65    (1:37:16)    01:38:35
2459    Aileen O’Shea    F35    (1:41:16)    01:42:54

These are the finishers listed as being in the Barr’s.