Mondays, 6.15pm

Assemble at the top (West) end of Mardyke Walk as shown on the map below. For location information, paste LAT/LON coordinates 51.893954N, 8.502560W into the Google Maps search box and hit enter. The Monday evening session involves one or two 6km circuits of the Carrigrohane (Straight) Road. All those attending the Road Session MUST wear a high visibility vest – no exceptions!

This is an unstructured road run suitable for people of all levels from Fit4Life enthusiasts to seasoned competitors. Basically, everybody goes off at their own pace and nobody gets left behind. For beginners, we recommend this session to start off with. Just come along to the barrier at the top end of Mardyke Walk and look for the committee member in charge. You can give us a test drive without any obligation. And if you want to join the club, you’ll find an entry form on the website. Club members assemble at the barrier from 6pm to conduct warm-up exercises.

At 6.15pm, the group heads off on the first 6km circuit.  After one circuit, we’ll pause at the pink marker and wait for everyone to reassemble (another chance to do some exercises). At this juncture, you’re free to embark on a second lap or return to Mardyke Walk. If you choose the latter option, you can finish up or exercise until the main group returns. If you miss the start of the session, you can try catch up with the back markers or go around in the opposite (clockwise) direction to meet up with the main group.

Wednesdays, 6pm

UCC Mardyke Track: interval and speed work session with Fergus O’Donovan and Marion Lyons.

Thursdays 6.30pm

Blarney Running & Walking Trail. Paste coordinates 51.932244N, 8.556449W into Google Maps and hit enter. Hills and Interval miles with Dan Kennedy and Marion Lyons. This venue offers genuine trail running in a cross country setting. Entry is €3 with complimentary refreshments. All members are welcome to join. For further information, click on the link below.

Blarney Running & Walking Trail

Fridays, 6pm

UCC Mardyke Track: tempo sessions with Ken Devine.

If you are interested in joining St. Finbarr’s A.C., come along for a test drive! We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries and offer you advice. For more information, please contact Dan Kennedy, 0872136827.