County Novice B & Juvenile B Cross Country

Date: Sunday 30th October 2011
Venue: Carrignavar, Co. Cork

The County Novice B will be held with the County Juvenile B Cross Country Championships on Sunday October 30th in Carrignavar. With all the big guns and boy racers ruled ineligible, the Novice B is an ideal opportunity for new club members and L-plate runners to experience cross country on more level terms. I was going to say level playing pitch, but in truth the organisers of cross country events do their level best (sorry for all the puns) to ensure there are few if any level running surfaces in cross country. It seems the goal of XC is to hinder running, not help! You’ll need a club top, a pair of spikes and have a washing machine and packet of Bold or Persil on standby for when you get back home.

These are the County Novice B Teams Novice Men: Michael Houlihan, John O’Sullivan, Eoin O’Keeffe, Kevin Coleman, Aidan O’Gorman, Colin Condon, Glenn Dollard, Tom Cuddihy, Rory O’Sullivan, Patrick Rahilly.

Novice Women: Barbara Curran, Cait Mehigan, Rachel Crowley, Una Kennedy, Patricia O’Connor, Yvonne O’Raw.

Best of luck everyone!