Friday Session

September 2020

Sept 18thFor members unable to make Saturday’s x country event 5x5minutes @ c.10mile pace with short recovery (less than 90 seconds).

For members attending Saturday’s x Country event option for easy jog on outer lanes.
Sept 11th 5000m time trial
4th Sept3 x 10 minutes @ lactate threshold effort with short recovery c. 2 minutes. Pace should be “comfortably hard” – about 5 seconds per lap slower than Wednesday session. Total of 30 minutes at threshold intensity.

August 2020

28th Aug3 x 2k (5 laps) @ lactate threshold intensity (c. 5 seconds per lap slower than 5k pace) with short recovery : less than 3 minutes. Total of 6k at tempo/ threshold effort.
Aug 21st4x 1 mile @ lactate threshold intensity(c. 25 seconds per mile slower than current 5km pace.
Aug 14th4×8 minutes @ lactate threshold intensity with short recovery ( about 2 minutes). Pace about 24 seconds per mile slower than current 5 k pace. Total of 32 minutes at threshold pace. This is a speed endurance workout where the emphasis is in endurance.
Aug 7thLong warm up followed by 3 separate time trials over 1 mile distance, to cater for different abilities. Race A for runners hoping to do around 7 minute pace, Race B for around 6 minute pace and Race C for around 5 minute pace. Athletes can decide on the night which race suits them best.

July 2020

July 31stLactate threshold session in two parts. 8 minutes @ threshold pace , short recovery (less than 2 minutes) followed by 5k continuous tempo. 5k time should be about a minute slower than current 5k race time. Total of over 4 miles at threshold pace.
July 24th Time based pyramid at threshold/tempo intensity:
5min, 6min, 7min , 6min, 5 min at a ” comfortably hard pace ” i.e. about 10 mile race pace. Short recovery between efforts about 90 seconds.