Friday Session

There will be no group sessions during Level 5 COVID restrictions but Marion & Eamonn are going to continue to post details of a Wednesday and Friday session for anyone who would like to keep up their speed and endurance work with the help of planned sessions.

November 2020

Nov 20thTime based pyramid at lactate threshold intensity. 6 minutes, 7 minutes, 8 minutes, 7 minutes and 6 minutes with brief recovery between efforts ( c. 90 seconds) . Pace/Intensity: “comfortably hard”. Talk Test: Breathing should stay relaxed enough to make talking possible. American runners recite The Oath of Allegiance to monitor intensity. Maybe verse 1 of Amhran na bhFiann would do for us 😀
Nov 13th3 x 10 minutes @ lactate threshold intensity with 2 minutes recovery between efforts. This session should be done at an easier intensity than Wednesday’s as the total volume is higher and the recoveries are shorter. Pace : “comfortably hard “. Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) : on a scale of 1 to 10 this session would rated 5 or 6.
Nov 6th 5×7 minutes @ lactate threshold intensity with 90 seconds recovery.

For runners who average less than 30 miles a week , 4×7 minutes would be enough.

The purpose of this session is to improve speed endurance and it complements Wednesdays session which focused on developing aerobic power and aerobic capacity. Heart rate should rise to between 80% and 90% of maximum heart rate (MHR).

Ideal pace: around 25 seconds per mile slower than current 5k pace, but it’s important to allow for wind, hills etcetera.

October 2020

Oct 30th 2 x 15 minutes @ lactate threshold/tempo intensity with 3 minutes recovery between efforts. Experienced runners should be able to maintain this pace/intensity for about 60 minutes in a race. So for many club runners it would equate approximately to 10 mile race pace (about 20 seconds per mile slower than 5k pace). Be sure to take weather conditions and terrain into account when gauging pace/intensity.
Oct 23rd4×8 minutes @ lactate threshold/tempo pace with 2 minutes jog recovery. Pace , “comfortably hard “, about 25 seconds per mile slower than current 5k pace. Talk Test : should be able to talk without too much difficulty.
Oct 16th3km Time Trial
Race A sub 11 minutes: 18.00 to 18.20
Race B sub 12 minute: 18.20 to 18.40
Race C over 12 minutes: 18.40 to 19.00
Oct 9th8 minutes (2 minutes recovery) + 14 minutes (3 minutes recovery) + 8 minutes .

Total of 30 minutes at lactate threshold intensity.

Pace : “ comfortably hard”, so about 25 seconds per mile slower than current 5k ability.
Oct 2nd 4×7 minutes @ lactate threshold intensity – about 5 or 6 seconds per lap slower than Wednesday sessions but with short recovery , about 90 seconds. Anyone doing Novice X Country should skip this session.

September 2020

Sept 25th 3 x 9 minute @ lactate threshold(“tempo”) pace with 2 minutes recovery ; pace comfortably hard , about 5 seconds per lap slower than 5k pace. Total of 27 minutes at lactate threshold intensity.
Sept 18thFor members unable to make Saturday’s x country event 5x5minutes @ c.10mile pace with short recovery (less than 90 seconds).

For members attending Saturday’s x Country event option for easy jog on outer lanes.
Sept 11th 5000m time trial
4th Sept3 x 10 minutes @ lactate threshold effort with short recovery c. 2 minutes. Pace should be “comfortably hard” – about 5 seconds per lap slower than Wednesday session. Total of 30 minutes at threshold intensity.

August 2020

28th Aug3 x 2k (5 laps) @ lactate threshold intensity (c. 5 seconds per lap slower than 5k pace) with short recovery : less than 3 minutes. Total of 6k at tempo/ threshold effort.
Aug 21st4x 1 mile @ lactate threshold intensity(c. 25 seconds per mile slower than current 5km pace.
Aug 14th4×8 minutes @ lactate threshold intensity with short recovery ( about 2 minutes). Pace about 24 seconds per mile slower than current 5 k pace. Total of 32 minutes at threshold pace. This is a speed endurance workout where the emphasis is in endurance.
Aug 7thLong warm up followed by 3 separate time trials over 1 mile distance, to cater for different abilities. Race A for runners hoping to do around 7 minute pace, Race B for around 6 minute pace and Race C for around 5 minute pace. Athletes can decide on the night which race suits them best.

July 2020

July 31stLactate threshold session in two parts. 8 minutes @ threshold pace , short recovery (less than 2 minutes) followed by 5k continuous tempo. 5k time should be about a minute slower than current 5k race time. Total of over 4 miles at threshold pace.
July 24th Time based pyramid at threshold/tempo intensity:
5min, 6min, 7min , 6min, 5 min at a ” comfortably hard pace ” i.e. about 10 mile race pace. Short recovery between efforts about 90 seconds.