Mardyke Track Pods

Please keep within your pod at training sessions. Each pod uses:

  • Separate meeting points (place to go to on entering the track/bag & water bottle drop off point)
  • Separate warm up/stretches on specific lanes
  • Separate lanes for the session

Pod A – Suitable if running sub 6.30 minute miles

Pod B – Suitable if running over 6.30 minute miles

Pod C – When Pod A and Pod B are full we will open a Pod C

Intro Pod – New to running (suitable if running 9/10 + minute miles)

Once Pod A on inside lanes 1,2,3 move off the start line Pod C can move up from their meeting point to the same start line in lanes 4 and 5 and take off from there.

Pod C will be asked to make their way back to Pod C meeting point between intervals and wait for Pod A to move off the start line before again making their way up to start line where the coach is.

Please remember:

  • To bring your own water bottle so as to avoid using the tap on the track.
  • No spitting or clearing the nose in the presence of others.

We encourage you to fill out the form as early as you can on the day of a session to ensure you can join your preferred pod.

Safe Return to Training Checklist

All members should review the following checklist before resuming training sessions:


  • Ensure that you remain up to date with official COVID-19 information.
  • All attendees should, in advance of attending each session, complete Covid Health Screening Questionnaire which acts as a contact tracing form also.
  • Ensure that you are following all advice and guidance issued by your National Governing Body of Sport or relevant representative body
  • Please do not to carpool, wait in your car or outside the venue until just before the beginning of a practice, warm-up, or game, instead of congregating with others prior to starting.
  • Meet no earlier than 5 minutes before training at specific meeting area. Enter via designated entry route.  
  • There is no use of shared spaces such as changing rooms, locker rooms, showers permitted.
  • Access to the Mardyke Pavilion is for use of toilets and emergency medical assistance only.
  • Sanitise your hands before entering the sports grounds.


  • Maintain social distancing of 2 metres between individuals where possible.
  • Stay within the small group of runners you are assigned to by your coach while on the track.
  • No spitting or clearing the nose in the presence of others.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with your elbow when coughing or sneezing, or using a tissue where possible which is immediately disposed of.
  • No unnecessary physical contact, such as high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, elbow taps, hugs or huddles.


  • Exit via the designated exit route.
  • Sanitise your hands on leaving the track.
  • Maintain social distancing outside the sports grounds and do not congregate in groups post session.

Thank you everybody!