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  • Monday Road Sessions Resume 17th May
    Monday Road Sessions Resume from 17th May 2021 Assemble at the top (West) end of Mardyke Walk as per the map below. For location information, paste coordinates 51.893954N, 8.502560W into your Google Maps search box and hit enter. This session involves one or … Continue reading
  • Training at the Mardyke Track Resumes
    Latest Government Update 30 April 2021. Groups of adults can resume athletics training in pods of 15 from 10th May 2021. Training at the Mardyke Track on Wednesdays and Fridays will resume Wednesday 12th May. St. Finbarr’s A.C. is … Continue reading
  • Level 5 – Group Training Paused
    Full level 5 restrictions are back in place until the end of January. All group training is therefore suspended for the duration. Hopefully February 2021 will see us back on the track again. Best of luck with your training … Continue reading