4th John Buckley Sports Graded T&F Meeting 2011


The fourth in this popular summer series of six graded T&F meetings takes place at the CIT Track. At first glance, the schedule of events on offer may not appear broadly appealing. After all, the Steeple Chase is normally the preserve of Junior and Senior athletes. Not to worry folks! The organisers have assured us that the obstacle course will be scaled back to accommodate athletes in all age brackets.  In this context, the Steeple Chase promises to be a fun and novel experience for anybody ready to accept the challenge. The Medley Relays, as per usual, require teams of four individuals. Instead of sharing the load however, two persons will be required to run 200m and the other two lucky, or unlucky individuals depending on your perspective, will complete 400m and 800m respectively. From experience at training sessions, you’ll know that Medley Relays are exhilarating for both onlookers and participants.  So, on reflection, meeting number four would appear to have all the right ingredients for a fun-filled and exciting evening of entertainment. Admission is €5 and the graded events are open to athletes of all levels of ability.