8th John Buckley Sports Graded T&F Meeting 2013

The eighth John Buckley Sports Graded T&F Meeting of 2013 is on Thursday, August 8th at 7.30pm at the CIT track. This is the final instalment of the 2013 summer series. The track events are more or less a repeat of the opening night – 100m, 400m, 1 Mile and a Medley Relay. If you did the Mile at the first meeting, time to find out whether or not  you’ve improved over the course of the summer. The Medley Relays require teams of four. Instead of sharing the load however, two persons run 200m and the other two lucky, or unlucky souls run 400m and 800m respectively. All told, it sounds like a good night’s entertainment. Remember, these are graded meetings open to people of all levels. Entry is €5.00 covering all events.