Keep to your Pod – COVID-19 Safety Reminder

  • At level 3, athletics clubs can continue to train in multiple pods of 15.
  • Keeping to your pod for a specific session will have an important role in protecting yourself and others and help the speed and accuracy of contact tracers if needed.
  • Stick to your pod for warm up, session and cool down.
  • No mixing with members from other pods before or after the session i.e. no warm up laps with members from different pods.
  • Always fill in the Online Health Screening form on the day of every session you attend and familiarize yourself with pod meet up, bag & water bottle drop off point.

Tracing & Testing

  • You can be deemed a close contact by having spent more than 15 minutes of contact within 2 metres of someone who has COVID-19, indoor or outdoor.
  • If you are a close contact, contact tracers will advise you to restrict your movements for 14 days. They will also arrange for you to get tested.
  • If you test positive and have symptoms they will ask about people and places you have visited 48 hours before your symptoms started and until you started self-isolating.
  • If you test positive but do not have symptoms they will only ask about people and places you have visited 24 hours before your test took place and until you started self-isolating.
  • Source:…/testing/contact-tracing.html…

Mardyke Track Protocol


Please keep within your pod at training sessions. Each pod uses:

  • Separate meeting points (place to go to on entering the track/bag & water bottle drop off point)
  • Separate warm up/stretches on specific lanes
  • Separate lanes for the session
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pods-Mardyke-1024x645.png

Pod A – using lanes 1,2,3 for warm up and session

Pod B – using lanes 6,7,8 for warm up and session

Pod C – if and when there is a need for Pod C, use lanes 4 & 5.

Once Pod A on inside lanes 1,2,3 move off the start line Pod C can move up from their meeting point to the same start line in lanes 4 and 5 and take off from there.

Pod C will be asked to make their way back to Pod C meeting point between intervals and wait for Pod A to move off the start line before again making their way up to start line where the coach is.

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Meeting Point

  • Familiarise yourself with the meeting points (please see map).
  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines while at the meeting point.
  • Members are not to arrive at the Mardyke grounds any earlier than 5 minutes before start time.
  • Do not enter the track if another club has a booked session that has not yet finished. Please wait until the other club have left the track.

Entry Point

Enter only by the entry gate highlighted on the map.

Exit Point

Exit only by the exit gate highlighted on the map.

Hand Sanitisation

Members must adhere to hand sanitisation protocol and bring their own hand sanitizer to training sessions.

Dressing Rooms & Toilets

Until further notice dressing rooms will remain closed, however the toilets will be accessible.


As always there is no parking available onsite at the Mardyke Sports Grounds for track users.

Thank you everybody, you are all podtastic!