What is 80/20 Training?

Runners World Article by JAMES WITTS & JENNIFER BOZON UPDATED: 22 MARCH 2023.

Research tells us that running slower for the bulk of your runs really can reap huge rewards.

‘From our research, it’s clear that elite athletes (including Kipchoge) train around 80% of the time at what we’d call low intensity, and they spend just 20 per cent of their time training hard,’ says Dr Stephen Seiler of the University of Agder, Norway, one of the world’s foremost exercise physiologists.

Whether the elite is training 20 or 40 hours a week, the training broadly follows this 80/20 split,’ says Seiler.

He adds, it’s arguably more important for recreational runners because we often get our intensity all wrong when it comes to long-term fitness progress.

‘Many recreational runners feel like they must go hard every time, so they do a lot of training in this threshold area,’ says Seiler. ‘They’ll improve initially, but then they stagnate. The problem is, they become too fatigued to do high-intensity sessions.’

Studies show that recreational runners naturally gravitate towards running 50 per cent at moderate to high intensity and 50 per cent at low intensity. And when Esteve-Lanao asked experienced club runners to follow either this 50/50 split or an 80/20 split, the 80/20 group improved their 10K times by five per cent compared with 3.5 per cent for the 50/50 group.

Why should I run easy?

So what are the physiological benefits of running easy? Easy runs train the cardio and respiratory systems to work more efficiently, allowing you to run with less effort during higher-intensity runs.

Slow runs also train your slow twitch muscle fibres – which allow us to work aerobically – driving adaptations that make us better at endurance running. And so if we don’t include enough of these in our plan, we not getting enough of the appropriate aerobic stress needed for long-distance running.

Slower running also helps to strengthen the tendons, ligaments, joints and bones without causing excessive stress to them.

Both moderate- and high-intensity work cause the body too much stress to be performed in large amounts, which compromises recovery.

This doesn’t just increase your injury risk but means you go into your next high-intensity session unable to perform at your best due to fatigue, so those sessions aren’t as effective.

That’s why Kipchoge, for example, spends a lot of his time training at a low intensity – it allows him really give his hard sessions a proper go. And he only does it twice a week, in the form of one track session and the other an unstructured fartlek session. The rest of his miles are done at a very easy pace.

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Club Membership (Needed ASAP)

The year is drawing to a close and we need to raise the issue of registration for 2024. In previous years, AAI insurance for registered athletes was extended to the end of January of the following year. This year, the Athletics Ireland system for 2024 has been up and running since November 20th. Consequently, all athletes insurance will expire on December 31st.

Athletes will NOT be covered for training or able to enter any competitions in 2024 if they have not registered for 2024. Sadly, that little end of January perk has gone by the wayside and we must now request our members to pre-register for 2024 as quickly as possible.

The annual subscription for 2024 is 70 euro.

Click here for Payment Options and 2024 Membership Form

If you use Bank Transfer, please state your FULL NAME first and foremost. Narratives like Club Sub, BARRS Payment, Track Fees, , etc. will result in unknown payments. We would encourage existing members not to use Standing Orders and have removed this option from the membership form.

AAI registration requires an Emergency Contact Name and Number for each club member. This is really a no brainer! If you have an Emergency at training or competition, we or the AAI need to know who to contact. We currently have ICE (in case of emergency) details for about 50% of the club and need to close out the list the other 50%. So, please comply with any request from us for ICE details.

In the meantime, we wish all our members and friends a very happy Christmas and all the best (of running) for the new year.

Club Registrar,

St. Finbarr’s A.C.

Open Cross Country Race 10th September

Would you like to try out Cross Country running?

Join us for an Open Cross Country Race on September 10th at the Cork Show Grounds.

💥 Open to all adults! Club registered and non-club registered runners!

👊 Great way to start off the Cross Country season ahead – Get back on the grass!

👊 Great way to give Cross Country a try without yet being registered with a club. 📣 Calling all solo runners, social runners, club runners and park runners!!

💥 Race Day: Sunday 10th September

💥 Adult races only

💥 4km intro/beginner race

💥 6km male race

💥 6km female race

📄Expression of Interest Required – Click here.

Club Awards Night Invitation

⭐Join us Friday night 26th May at 19:30 (after the track) for a special Awards Ceremony!

This year’s Club Awards will be presented to:

Darragh Mulcahy , Orla Byrne, Niamh Cronin, Katie Hickson, Irene Eighan, Rebecca McEvoy, Louisa Browne, Marie Kelly, Rhona Dempsey, Alex O’Shea, Padraig Mullins, Pat Murphy , Martina Kiely, Barry Twohig, Alan Hardiman, Anita Locke, Enda Kiernan, Gerry Cronin, Donie Murray , Rachel McEvoy Cian McParland and Joe Hegarty.

It would be great to gather together to congratulate this year’s award winning athletes.

There will be tea and coffee!

Track Night Friday May 19th 2023

Save the Date Friday May 19th!

Members of St.Finbarr’s A.C., Cork Track Club and Cork Sanctuary Runners will meet at the Mardyke track for competitive and fun track races. Mixed Male and Female, A & B Races.

Times here subject to change but please do arrive for Registration at 17.30.

Let us know what race or races you are interested in by expressing interest here:

Click Here: Sign up for Track Night Friday May 19th

Graded Mile Charity Event 2022

On Wednesday evening 21 December 2022 we held a series of graded miles at the Mardyke Track.

On the night we raised €420 which was contributed by those present. The Club added to this donation and in January 2023 presented a total of €600 to Cork Penny Dinners, a critical and vitally needed, local charity.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in arranging the event in any way and to those who managed clocks, rang bells etc.

We also presented the individual and team medals for the National Marathon Championship from the Dublin Marathon. A huge congratulations to Niamh, Katie, Irene, Cathal and Jeremy.

Our good friend Joe Murphy of Joe Anne photos kindly joined us for the evening and took some great photos. You can flick through the photos here:

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

Presentation of Dublin Marathon (National Marathon) Medals

The final team results for the Dublin City Marathon held on 30th October 2022 were published on 6th December.

Congratulations to our Women’s Team of Niamh, Katie and Irene who won the National o35 Team Gold. They were the 1st team o35 out of 82 teams!

Well done to our Men, who narrowly missed a National Bronze Medal by 2 minutes over 78 Miles when finishing 4th overall.

These medals are in addition to the age category medals won by Jeremy, Niamh and Cathal.

Well done everyone. See the Athletics Ireland website for further details.

Presentation of the medals was held on 21 December 2022 during our Graded Mile Charity event.

Our good friend Joe Murphy of Joe Anne photos kindly joined us for the evening and took some great photos.

Photo Album 1

Photo Album 2

Cork City 10 Miler Donation to Cork Simon Community

Members of St. Finbarr’s AC who presented the Cork Simon Community with a cheque for €3,000, the proceeds of the Cork City 10-Mile Road Race which took place in August 2022.

Accepting the cheque on behalf of the Cork Simon Community is Margaret O’Sullivan, Fundraising (on left) and Rebecca McEvoy, chair of St. Finbarr’s AC.

Pictures courtesy of Brian Lougheed.

Don’t Forget to Sign Up for Cork County Novice

Cross Country Season Continues…

9th October: Cork County Novice

Location: Conna, Cork

Please complete the form here if interested

This is a great way for new members to get a feel for a team athletics event.

It’s honestly so much fun, come on sign up and get your Barr’s A.C. singlet ready!

Some of the best runners in the club and all clubs countywide are eligible for Novice Cross Country so it promises to be a great competition.

We are looking to put teams together for both the men and the women’s race. The more the better. Sign Up at this link!